ASP3I-1200 SERIES Advanced Technology for Passive Interferometry

Optimal Technologies ASP3I-1200 advanced technology for passive interferometry delivers the next generation solution for interrogation of passive optical interferometry systems. This technology consists of advanced, proprietary signal processing algorithms integrated with an optical signal processing platform.

  • Features
    • 1.2 Msps sample rate
    • Simple, high reliability, low cost implementation
    • Exceptional signal to noise ratio
    • Supports redundant/hot swappable optical source modules
    • Modular construction enables highly integrated multi-channel systems
    • Supports multiplexing of up to 8 sensors over a single optical fibre
    • I2C interface for control/diagnostics
  • Applications
    • Faraday effect optical current sensors
    • Passive 3×3 Sagnac interferometric gyroscopes
    • Passive 3×3 Michaelson interferometers

This technology can be accessed through:

  • intellectual property license
  • a combination of licensed hardware IP cores and corresponding optical/electronic signal processing reference design documents
  • OEM modules which implement the ASP3I-1200 advanced technology in a fully characterised optical/electronic design

The ASP3I-1200 advanced technology OEM modules are an ideal solution to upgrade conventional merging units to be “optical-ready”.

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