D Series Advanced Signal Processing Platform for Passive Interferometry

The Dxx series of signal processing platforms are OEM modules for application in passive optical interferometry systems. These modules are designed for high accuracy interferometric phase shift measurements with low noise and high speed in the 1300/1550 nm wavelength band.

The Dxx series are powered from a single 5V DC input and all parameters and diagnostics are available through an I2C interface. The measured phase is output as 32 bit byte wide data and 8 status bits. The optical delay between the sensor and Dxx module is measured and made available through the I2C interface for use in synchronising phase measurements with 1PPS or IEEE-1588 clock schemes.

  • Features
    • 1.2 Msps sample rate
    • Exceptional signal/noise ratio
    • Programmable averaging/decimation
    • I2C interface for control/diagnostics
  •  Applications
    • Faraday effect optical current sensors
    • Passive 3×3 Sagnac interferometric gyroscopes
    • Passive 3×3 Michaelson interferometers
  • Package
    • 190x160x16mm
    • 50 pin 2mm IDC connector
    • User specified optical connector


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