A Series ASE Optical Source Modules

The Axx series of amplified spontaneous emission sources are OEM modules for application in optical sensor systems. These modules are designed for low noise and low degree of polarisation (DOP). Using erbium doped fibre as a source, they provide optical power across the 1530-1565 nm spectrum.

The Axx series are powered from a single 5V DC input and all parameters and diagnostics are available through an i2c interface.

  • Features
    • Low degree of polarisation
    • Low noise (RIN)
    • I2c interface for control/diagnostics
    • Available with 10, 15 and 20 dBm output power
  • Applications
    • Optical sensor systems
    • Optical instrumentation systems
  • Package
    • 190x160x16mm
    • 50 pin 2mm IDC connector
    • User specified optical connector

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