IEEE 1588 PTP Grandmaster

The Optimal Technologies 1588 Grandmaster Clock implements the master network segment of

the IEEE 1588-2008 specification. It offers a solution to clock synchronization of multiple, ethernet-

connected, devices via the IEEE 1588-2008 protocol. Since IEEE 1588-2008 achieves sub-

microsecond clock synchronization, applications include:

  • Industrial measurement and control
  • Industrial ethernet communications
  • Wireless base station synchronization
  • Military and software-defined radio

Due to the unique design of the Optimal Technologies 1588 Grandmaster Clock, several

configuration options exist. The GPS functionality of the Unit is optional – in the case that the Unit

is only to be used in a laboratory setup (i.e. the veracity of the UTC time-stamp is not of concern)

the Unit can be provided minus the GPS receiver and antenna. Alternatively, the Unit can be

provided with an integrated GPS receiver and either an integrated (internal) or external (SMA

connector) GPS antenna.

The Unit provides a front panel user interface, which includes a LCD display that reports

synchronization status, UTC, Time, Date and the number of currently visible satellites. Front panel

LEDs report the presence of power, GPS and synchronized status. As well as the IEEE1588

Ethernet output, the front panel outputs also include a BNC-based PPS output.

The Unit is also shipped with a configuration / telemetry user interface (via RS232), which allows

the user to modify 1588 Grandmaster protocol settings and monitor the current synchronization

status (GPS – Grandmaster synchronization).

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